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  • Ceramic and glazed porcelain.
  • Conforming to EN standards.
  • Latest technology producing digital porcelain.
  • Shoeless technology anti slip R9,R10, R11.
  • Highly suitable from residential to high traffic.
  • Fine porcelain tiles in various formats.
  • Marble and stone and other natural finishes.
  • Very high quality – comply to EN-DIN-BS-ANSI.
  • Test methods.
  • Highly suitable for residential, commercial and external application.
  • Full body porcelain.
  • Conforming to BS EN standards.
  • Produced in Europe-atlas concord group.
  • Specialized in large formats.
  • Worldwide project references.
  • Key account with multinational companies
  • Made in Germany- The worlds no.1 producer of ceramic and porcelain solutions.
  • Architectural and residential solutions.
    Innovative technology, design flexibility custom made solutions in sizes and colors
  • Unique features like HT and Protected surfaces, for hospitals and hospitality for clean room environment.
  • Pioneer in anti slip properties both for glazed and unglazed with easy cleaning surface.
  • World leader in facades and swimming pool.
  • BS quality of tiles with an affordable price.
  • Glazed porcelain rectified with Italian technology and
  • Italian quality control.
  • Flexibility in making special production if required.
  • Follows very strict EN Norms.
  • Wall and floor solutions for residential applications.
  • Ceramic and porcelain.
  • 100% European UN EN standards.
  • Very competitive in large formats to its other
  • European equivalent.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Large producer and strong inventory.
  • Quality sanitary ware
  • Complete package of faucets, accessories and wellness products
  • All shapes one can think of
  • Water saving features
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Produced 100% in Europe
  • Very specialized in external surfaces R10/R11.
  • Finishes – stone/marble/wood.
  • Various thicknesses 6mm. 9mm 10mm 20mm and 30mm
  • In wide formats from 300×300 to 120×278.
  • Italian excellence.
  • One of the first companies in Morbi.
  • Specialized in technical Porcelain.
  • Different format and finishes.
  • Continuous R&D to keep the product to be at par with the modern technology.
  • Italian technology.
  • Exporting to European and American market apart from the gulf region.
  • Different variaties of tiles Ceramic / Porcelain / Concrete
  • One of the best supplier across the European market.
  • Tiles available in different sizes. Custom made

Bronze art – Italy and Greece

  • Bath room and wash room accessories.
  • Residential, hospitality, health segment, Special needs.
  • Electronic accessories.
  • Excellent quality produced in Europe.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • From entry level to super luxury.
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Control & warrants
  • Project Planning
  • Visibility
  • Ergonomics
  • Luxurious finishing
  • Glamorous effect
  • Soft touch resin effect
  • Easy renovation
  • Ideal for laying on existing floors
  • Specialized in mining, processing and export of high quality indian marble and granite.
  • Over 30 years business with 70 + countries.
  • Specialize in executing Turnkey projects around the globe.